Explore the Timeless Beauty of Mostar: The Tabačica Mosque Awaits

Amidst the historical wonders of Mostar, stands the Tabačica Mosque, a mesmerizing testament to the city's rich Islamic heritage. Erected at the transition from the 16th to the 17th century, this architectural marvel is not just a place of worship but a living symbol of the city's cultural tapestry.

A Legacy Built on Faith

Commissioned by Hadži-Kurta, representing one of the oldest and most esteemed families in Mostar, the Tabačica Mosque boasts a history that's deeply intertwined with the very essence of the city. Located just a short stroll from the iconic Old Bridge, on the right bank of the shimmering Neretva River, its significance transcends its religious purpose.

A Cultural Hub

The mosque stands adjacent to the Tabhana district, historically renowned as the heart of leather crafting, where leather was processed, tanned, and sold. Deriving its name from 'tabaci', the local word for tanners, the Tabačica Mosque pays tribute to its leatherworking patrons and its vibrant surroundings.

More than Just a Mosque

Adjacent to the Tabačica Mosque is a series of quaint shops, making it not just a religious site but a bustling hub for tourists and locals alike. Because of its strategic location, it's one of the most visited mosques in Mostar.

Dive into Mostar’s Rich History

When in Mostar, a visit to the Tabačica Mosque offers a unique blend of spiritual solace and cultural immersion. Explore its intricate designs, learn about its storied past, and experience the harmony of history and modernity.

Join us in Mostar and discover the enchanting world of the Tabačica Mosque, where every brick tells a story of faith, resilience, and heritage. Embark on a journey of discovery, and let the echoes of the past guide you.